Kobe (Wagyu) BeefOur Beef
Jimmy P's Butcher Shop and Deli specializes in Kobe (Wagyu) Beef and U.S.D.A Prime Beef. We can custom cut any type of beef to the size and thickness of your preference. Here at Jimmy P's we offer a wide variety of different cuts of beef from grilling, cooking roasts, to formal dinners. Our experienced staff of butchers will help with suggestions and give cooking instructions to help you prepare your next meal.

Jimmy P's carries wide variety of Kobe (Wagyu) Beef with different marble scores. Please click here to learn more about Wagyu Beef.

Kobe (Wagyu) Ground BeefOur Ground Beef
All of our ground beef is made fresh daily and often made 3 times a day (Guaranteed Fresh). We DO NOT use tube meat in our grinds like the chain stores and supermarkets. Those who use the tube meat are more prone to carry bacteria and e-coli in their ground beef. Therefore, our ground beef lasts up to 5 days compared to the supermarkets lasting 5 hours.

Choices of Ground Beef offered at Jimmy P's:
Fresh Kobe (Wagyu) Ground Chuck 88-90% lean
Fresh Kobe (Wagyu) Ground Sirloin 94-96% lean
Fresh Ground Buffalo 94-96% lean

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